The town of Stepanavan


Commonly referred to as the pearl of Lori, Stepanavan is a cosy town located in the green highlands of Lori region adjacent  to the stunning gorge of Dzoraget.

The 7th century church of   St. Astvatsatsin could testify the historical value of the city. However, the church was destroyed in the years of the Soviet atheism. In 1810 Davit  Hasan-Jalalyan, a descendent of the influential family of Hasan Jalayan from Artsakh(Karabagh) renamed Lori into Jalaloghli (Son of Jalal) as he came and settled there.

In 1923 the city was renamed to Stepanavan in honor of Stepan Shahumyan, the leader of first Marxist group in Armenia.

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Stepanavan has beautiful nature, fresh air and historical heritage. Stepanavan is a mountain resort known for its pine trees. There are pine trees both in Dendropark(arboretum) and in the alley which is called “Aleya”. May-June is the most favorable period to enjoy the pollination of pine trees. Essential oils are emitted by the pine trees during this period , thanks to it Stepanavan is impregnated with aroma of pine mountain air which is useful to the patients with problems of respiratory systems.
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One of the attractions of Stepanavan is considered Communists cave (Mayori dzor) which is located in Dzoraget gorge .It was served as a secret meeting place for revolutionary Stepan Shahumyan and his supporters. Communists cave is a mysterious place indicating  the revolutionary events of the 20th century.
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Stepanavan is a spiritual town. The evidence of which is St. Sargis church. The church was built in the 11-12th centuries by the Orbelyans. It used to be acting even during the Soviet years.

Surb Nshan chapel is located in the Armanis district of Stepanavan. It was built in the 18th century and considered favorite place of pilgrimage for the local resident. From here a wonderful view opens over the entire region.

 “Amenaprkich” chapel which dates back to the 13th century  is located on the right part of Stepanavan-Tashir road.

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A great devotee of the Armenian theatre, USSR and RA People’s Artist, renowned theatre and movie actor, Sos Sargsyan was born in Stepanavan. After Armenia’s independence Sargsyan also played a crucial role in the political life of the country as an activist and intellectual. He was candidate for president in 1991, Armenia’s first presidential elections, and he was awarded honorary citizen of Yerevan and Stepanavan. Not surprisingly, the monument to Sos Sargsyan in the city park has become one of the favorite places of his countrymen.
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