Town of Alaverdi


Alaverdi is the ancient center of copper industry  in Armenia.

The town Alaverdi spreads along the bank of the river Debed, rising approximately to 650 m. above the river level.
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The foundation of copper industry was laid down by Greek miners, who were brought from Small Asia according to the order of Georgian king Heracle II, to exploit mines of Alaverdi. In 1763 they constructed silver production factory of Akhtala and then, in 1770 copper smelting factories of Alaverdi (Medan) and Shamligh.

Unfortunately, the factories were destroyed by Khan – Agha Mohammed in 1795.

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Historically, the area around Alaverdi was known as Manasgomer or Manits Gom during the medieval period. Starting from the 17th century, the settlement became to be known as Alaverdi .

At the end of the 19th century, the concession to exploit the mine was sold to a French firm. With the establishment of the Tbilisi-Alexandropol railway in 1899, a new copper smelter was opened in the area between Sanahin and Akori to set the foundation for a new settlement that became the residence of the smelter staff. The newly-formed settlement was called Manés, after the French engineer who was the director of the project.

It was granted the status of a town in 1938 to become the centre of Alaverdi raion. In 1963, Alaverdi was granted the status of a town of republican subordination.

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