Mayrasar (mountain dedicated to Mother)


The statue, dedicated to the mothers all over the world, is situated on the top of the Gharachay mountain of Pambak mountain range.

After installing the statue in 2006, the mountain was renamed Mayrasar (the Armenian translation  is the mountain of Mother).

The idea of the installing and implementation of the statue was of Edward Khlghatyan. The sculptor was Sargis Gabrielyan (Sevo). The height of the statue is 2,3 meters, and is 2007 meters above sea level, due to which it was registered in Armenia Book of Epic Heroes (Guinness Book).

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After installing the statue, five different cross stones were installed near the statue at different periods.

To climb up to the statue  you should drive up to the foot of the mountain along Vanadzor Sasuntsiner street, and walk up 30-40 minutes till you get to the top of the mountain.

Beautiful scene of Vanadzor city opens from above the mountain.

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