«Kaputan» Rest Area


«Kaputan» Rest Area was built in Gugark , one of the oldest settlements in Armenia.

It had got its name “Kaputan” from the blue colour of the eyes of  Vrezh Grigoryan , who was a resident of Vanadzor.

After returning from the army Vrezh suffered from an incurable disease. To ease the pain, he often went to the area of Gugark village, had beautiful nature walks, struck summer tent and enjoyed the fresh air and the cold water of “ Razmo” source in that area,  but the incurable disease  cut the thread of the young man’s life in 1986.

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Vrezh’s brother Vigen Grigoryan  built a rest area and  called it “Kaputan”  to perpetuate the memory of  his brother.
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The process of the building was held till 2004. Unfortunately, Vigen Grigoryan  died all of a sudden in 2005, and the work doesn’t go  anymore.
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Near the Rest area various monuments, cross stones  were built, and  many necessary conditions were made  for visitors to rest.
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Not far from “Kaputan ‘rest  area in  the village Gugark, you can visit the church of  St. Mary (built in 2015)  and St. Sargis church (built in 1901).

In the area called Great Bugs, which is 5 kilometers to the north – west  from the village Gugark, you can see  cross stones from the  7-13th centuries.

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