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The town of Tashir


Tashir urban community in Armenia’s Lori Region, 76.09 sq. km area is located at 1,500 meters above sea level. The distance from the capital is 163 km, 52 km from Vanadzor, Lori Region center. Tashir River flows through the city, a tributary of the river Debed. 

According to historical sources, was founded in 1844 by order of the government of the Russian Empire moved Cossack soldiers, then in exile in different regions of the Russian Molokans Vorontsovka and called the name of the Caucasian viceroy Vorontsov. Since 1935 the town has undergone revolutionary Mikhail Kalinin name. While Kalinino was a Russian settlement in the 40’s of last century. 50s were moved here from the start, mainly in the 19th century and in the villages of runaway Turkish tyranny and massacres. Then came the national minorities reside. In 1958, the first Armenian school was opened in 1961. Presidential decree of the Supreme Council Kalinino became a city, and a city status acquired from 1983 until the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991 the town was renamed Tashir in honor of the historic Tashir province.
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Armenian Catholic Church. Assumption Cathedral, which was founded in 1994 in a former cinema building. Dome and chapels were built in recent years.
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St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church, which was built in 2000 with funds donated by Samvel and Karen Karapetyan.
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A monument dedicated to the memory of soldiers fallen in the Great Patriotic War, was built in 1961.

 David Avetisyan,a sculptor and painter, is  the author of both  the statue of  “The Little Prince” and the memorial of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Tashir city park.

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Tashir Day is celebrated on October 10.

Tashir is best known for cheesemaking traditions. In recent years there has been held Tashir cheese festival event.

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