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Area: 3,795 sq km
Administrative centre: Vanadzor
Distance from Yerevan to Vanadzor: 112 km                       Lori_7

The Lori is located in the northeast of Armenia and borders on Georgia.

The Lori is famous for its mild climate: the mountain chain Lori-Pambak stands on the way of cold winds from the north.


Lori can also brag about the abundance of rivers – the Pambak, the Dzoraget, the Debet and the Agstev flow across that picturesque region rich in fertile lands, lakes and mineral springs.


Evergreen trees and bushes grow in the river valleys; the slopes of the mountain ridges are covered by subalpine vegetation. Lori is the land of mountain ridges, stepped slopes, and deep gorges.Lori_4

The Lori is also known for rare samples of Byzantine architecture, listed as the World’s Heritage.

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