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Vanadzor is situated in a unique site – the intermountain depression between the Bazum and Pambak ridges at the confluence of three rivers – the Pambak, the Tandzut, Vanadzoriget.

There is no exact evidence of the city’s age except for the fact that it stands on the site of ancient settlements which were a part of Great Armenia in the 2 nd century BC. It is assumed hat in the 13 th century the city was named Karaklis which is translated (from Turkic) as ‘black church”. Until 1828 the city had had the black church which was replaced by a new one in 1831.
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In 1801 Lori was annexed to Russia along with Georgia, and Karaklis became a frontier city. In 1820 the city’s population was only 500-600 people. In 1828, after East Armenia became a part of Russia, several hundreds of Armenian families who had come from western Armenia – Kars, Ardagan, Bayazetm and Erzrum settled there.

From 1849 Karaklis was a part of Yerevan province. In the 1930s it was given the city status and in1935, after the death of Kirov, the city was renamed as Kirovakan. The name Vanadzor was given to the city in 1993.

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The convenient geographical position and abundance of mineral waters made the city famous as popular resort.

On December 7th, 1988 there was a terrible earthquake which caused a serious damage to the city, but thanks to the patience, hard work and love of the people the city was revived. It is one of the major industrial and cultural centers of Armenia.

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